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Project Description:
This project was developed by youth from the partner countries who identified a huge problem in the way youth perceive and understand environmental problems, the way they are educated about the problems and more importantly how they deal with these problems.

We identified that there is great confusion regarding the state of our environment in each of our countries and a great lack of information regarding the correct procedures.

The idea of the project is to understand the EU 2020 environmental objectives, to inform youth of this, and to identify ways that we can be more involved in our communities, and mainly to ensure that these EU objectives are maintained and upheld in our countries. Our project will cover topics like Climate change, our carbon footprint, ways and methods to be more eco-friendly, finding ways to get information to youth, and looking at employment opportunities in the environmental fields in our countries and the EU.

Brining young people from several countries together to address the two important issues of environmental conservation and youth unemployment allows us to address two main concerns youth have in the EU today.

This project will allow us to understand the EU laws and environmental objectives, and to be active in the implementation of these in our countries, working together to ensure we have greener cities, less pollution, and at the same time helping youth to find employment.

We want to being the young people from these different countries together to identify the problems in each of our countries, and to work together to find the best policies and practices so that we can make the EU and its youth more aware of the problems and to work on solutions for these problems which will complement the 2020 strategy of the EU.

We see a great need to change the way young people see, understand and react to the environment, to ensure that they have a smaller carbon footprint and that they work together to ensure that we conserve our environment better. Ensuring that we get information to youth, and make information more accessible to youth, and where possible helping them find employment in these fields. We will also explore the labour market of the EU to give a better understanding of the needs of the different markets and to help young people be more employable.

The main objectives of this project are to foster solidarity and to ensure that all our communities understand the importance of environmental conservation and climate change. The second objective being youth unemployment, and increasing the employability of Youth Unemployment.