SALTO - COMETS: Integrating a political dimension into the trainers’ work

Training Course

26 April - 2 May 2017 | Dresden, Germany

A unique intense self reflecting training course on the Competence Model for Trainers Working at International Level and especially focusing on Integrating a political dimension into the trainers’ work’.

"We engaged as trainers and youth workers in methodologies focusing on self reflection about values, polarities, influences, attitudes but also limits as political beings and as trainers. These 5 days were given as a chance to develop awareness about how we define and act upon specific matters. Either Neutral or do we Take a Stand? Is our political being more important than the trainer within us? Who takes decisions? Which element is stronger?"

This particular competence from the model encompassed the following competences:
• Linking (youth) policies and educational programmes
• Integrating political values and beliefs in the context of the trainers work
• Supporting learners in developing political thinking
• Applying democracy and human rights principles

Taking the above into account, the intentions of the course were:
• To explore what are the personal, internal and external influences on the role of trainers (politics, policies, environment, social and economical contexts, etc.);
• To reflect and share on the notions of ethics and ethos of trainers;
• To work on the attitudes of trainers with regards to authenticity, openness, curiosity and dealing with personally challenging values and beliefs;
• To reflect on and explore the limits of the ‘political role of trainers’ in their practice;
• To reflect on human rights principles and human rights education in the work of trainers.

The team of trainers for this COMETS edition was Gisele Evrard Markovic and Nik Paddison.

It was a wonderful beneficial learning experience! Thank you very much!

Theo Mavrosavva