Be The Change Stop Climate Change

Erasmus +:KA1 - Youth Exchange - Programme Countries

Place: Paralimni, Cyprus

Dates:24/10/2016 - 31/10/2016

Countries:Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Poland, Romania,

Participants:4 participants age 18 - 30, and 1 leader of any age


Project Description:

Climate change is a factor that affects all of us and is affected by all of us.  It is important that we understand what it is and how we influence these changes.  Creating awareness of climate change and exchanging good practices between youth of different countries allows us to learnfrom each other and also make the changes needed to help our planet survive the impact of humans.  The idea is to create greater awareness of the problems and the causes of these problems and to give youth the knowledge to make the correct changes to reduce the human impact on climate change.  Through gaining this knowledge the young people can share these good practices with their peers in their countries and help make a difference.  The main issues that will be address are human factors that influence climate change and how we can make small changes in our lives that can make a big difference.  We aim to increase awareness and knowledge of the problems regarding climate change and environmental conservation and will try to get young people more involved in the conservation of our planet.

Food, Accomodation is covered 100%. Travel Costs up to budget according to Erasmus + programme.



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6. The Climate Thoughts


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