As EU member countries we need to build on knowing each other better.  By undertaking a youth exchange project we will have the opportunity to get to know people from many different countries and we will be able to exchange ideas and knowledge while getting to know each other and our cultures.  We will build on our similarities and grow stronger by sharing and learning about our differences.  


The idea of the project is to exchange cultural heritage between the partner countries.  Each country will present their culture in the form of different traditions, customs, cultures and habits from their country.    We will have workshops discussing the different issues and customs, our history and our European citizenship our understanding of the concept of being European citizens and the history or the cultural significance behind this customs and traditions for each country.  We will have speakers discussing important issues like health and nutrition, professionals in the field of food to discuss our common cultures and archaeologist to discuss our history.    Healthy eating habits will be discussed as health is also an important aspect of this project.

We will see how food and dance have an influence on our cultural heritage and how these affect our outlook on life.  All these aspects of our cultures will be evaluated to see what we have in common and what differences we have.  We will learn about these differences so that we can understand each other better and also acknowledge our similarities to see how we have grown together.


Nutritional aspects of the varieties of foods we eat will also be discussed and analysed.


The project will be hosted on the Island of Cyprus where we in return will also show the partners our culture and heritage.  As hosts we will share some of our culture with our guest by taking them to historically significant places in Cyprus and also take them to a typical Cypriot Taverna to enjoy our food and dance culture as we do.


The main themes and priorities of this project are:

  • Cultural Diversity through cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experiences
  • Gender Equality and combating racism by working together in groups
  • Encourage European Citizenship
  • Promote tolerance among young people through the participation of young people, including young people with fewer opportunities
  • Inclusive growth through understanding of each other and each other's cultures and history
  • Promoting the cooperation of young people
  • Health

This project is funded by the EU under the Youth in Action Program.