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Siblings - Cyprus and Italy in Cyprus

Our project is a follow up of our local initiatives Building Yesterday Building Tomorrow.  The young participants noticed that Italy has a great influence on our history and architecture and it was decided to do a follow up where we could learn more of our history from Italy and more importantly if we had any influence on their history. 

During our project we will learn how each country has influenced the other in terms if history, culture and even language.  We will see how many things we have in common and how we have changed over the years.  We have selected Sicily as our partners for this project for two main reasons; firstly we have interacted with some of the members of this organisation during a youth exchange and secondly Sicily use to be an ancient Greece Island.  So as island people who so many common historical factors we are bound to find many things in common today.

Our project will focus on language, cultural, historical similarities and we will see how time has affected our friendship and feeling of brotherhood (siblings).    



Exact dates of activities to be announced but the starting date of the project is 01/02/13


Participating Countries: 

Cyprus and  Italy