Crossroads of Employment

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Important Note:

If you are NOT a UK resident then your travel costs from your country to UK and back, might not be reimbursed.


Dates: 09/11/2013 - 17/11/2013

Venue: London, easy access to center

Participating Countries: Great Britain, Cyprus, Spain, Moldova and Ukraine



The European Union today, is facing one of the greatest economic challenges in its history. Fighting unemployment is one of the major priorities in most of the European member states of EU and especially youth unemployment.

As one of those member states with the most diverse groups of people we want to bring young people of Europe and neighboring countries to discuss and create awareness amongst EU citizens and non EU citizens about what is the current situation of unemployment in their own country and elsewhere. Finding ways and solutions through this project will help all participants gain the necessary tools to identify their own strengths and to create a number of documents (ex. CV, Online CVs, Social profiles) to support their capabilities and build their own profile as also find ways to improve their inter cultural experience and furthermore possibly find a suitable job in the future.

The hostel located just outside London city center will facilitate this project and host the participants of England, Cyprus, Spain, Moldova and Ukraine.

Through sharing of knowledge we will work on finding solutions for the employment problems that young people face today.  Fun activities and simulations will be used to allow each of the participants to understand the situations and the problems that we face.  Each country will present the problems in their country and this will allow the young people to learn from the experiences of others and other countries.  We will share this knowledge and try to use the experiences and knowledge of others to make a difference in our countries. With debates we will strengthen the communication and build bonds between the participating countries.

Working in groups for various activities will allow the participants to learn the importance of teamwork and show how working in groups may increase our productivity, our cooperation and our future success.  We will also share our cultures with each other so that we can be much closer as Europeans. As well as introducing to participants that are not EU members what EU citizenship can provide and how youth can benefit from this.