Celebrating Youth

Our youth are our future, we need to celebrate them and encourage them to be all they can be.  Our project will celebrate youth during the European Youth Week in reflecting on the youth work that has been done over the years and also allowing for the freedom of expression by the youth.  We will start our week by having an open house at our youth centre allowing a variety of local youth organisations to display their youth work and of course to allow all members of the society to come and see what our youth have done and have to offer.  During this week we will have one activity per day discussing and debating important youth issues regarding youth policy.  These will include active citizenship, environment, culture, unemployment, youth policy and inclusion.  These will be open discussions and debates between youth and professionals in these fields will facilitate the discussions with them.  On the 1 June we will have a festival of sorts to celebrate our youth.  This event will be open to all the youth of Cyprus and also the public so that our community can see how active our youth are and how important they are to any society.