2C is the KEY

2C is the KEY; Action KA1 – Learning Mobility of Learners and stuff in Predeal, Romania (25th October -2nd November 2014)

The project is about communication, coaching and empowering youth leaders and youth workers. Bellow you can read the main summary:

ONESTIN Brasov proposes a training course for youth workers in different nongovernmental organizations which aims at determining them to get involved in designing and implementing coaching and communication activities for their young volunteers. By participating in this training, they will gain the knowledge about these concepts, they will be able to propose to other youth workers and especially to youngsters to start working with more confidence, knowing priorities in the frame of the community work, while carrying on with a more interesting and practical learning process.

The objectives of the project are:

• to provide youth organizations with an understanding of the concept and practice of Coaching and Communication;

• to experiment different tools and exercises from Coaching and Communication field;

• to offer the tools and the understanding for using and improving different personal and organizational processes in connection with the training theme;

• to develop competences and abilities in communication, project management, team building;

• to use and improve non-formal education methods;

• to have a glimpse at intercultural learning with coaching and communication tools;

• to create an environment that would favor the organizational, professional and personal development of the partners working in education and volunteering field across Europe.


Please note that the approved budget for travel costs (bus/train and flight) to and from Romania per participant are as follows:

1. Cyprus – 275 EUR 2. Czech Republic – 275 EUR 3. Iceland – 530 EUR 4. Lithuania – 275 EUR 5. Malta – 275 EUR 6. Poland – 275 EUR 7. Portugal – 360 EUR Romania – 0 EUR


The project will take place at Hotel Roua in Predeal, Romania. - http://www.hotel-roua.ro/

Predeal (pronounced [preˈde̯al]) is a town in Braşov County, Romania. Predeal, the northernmost resort on the Prahova Valley, 25 km from Brasov, 16 km from Sinaia, 147km (100miles) from Bucharest, is the town on the highest elevation in Romania at 1033m altitude.

The arrival date is 25th of October and the departure day is 2nd November. Attached to this e-mail you will find the project’s agenda with the programme activities, scheduled by days.

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