This project is funded by the EU under the Youth in Action Program.  This project is an ongoing effort to help our environment.

This project is geared at teaching the young people of today about protecting and saving their environment. This project will enhance the participation of young people in their society by allowing them to learn and help protect the environment.  It will allow for cultural diversity between (young people) of all walks of life and young people from different cultures.  It includes the participation of young people with fewer opportunities like young people from troubled homes and people with learning difficulties.  The project will raise awareness of global challenges and environmental sustainability and protection.  Furthermore it will allow for equality between sexes. 


The project aims to clean beaches and underwater areas at the most visited beaches on the Island.  A group of young volunteers will work together to clean the sea and the beaches and engaging themselves in the importance of environmental protection.  They will work together to understand the issues and find solutions for the problem.  They will also raise awareness of this problem to the general public.


The young people will take part in workshops discussing the issues and exchange ideas among themselves about the current problems in their society and find solutions for the problems through discussions and actions. Additionally, specialists in the fields of environment and marine biology will educate them on important aspects of marine conservation.


At the end of the project the young people will submit the results of this project to governing bodies thereby enhancing their active citizenship and their European citizenship by understanding that they have a voice on a national and a European level.


For the next several months we will be organizing scheduled beach and sea cleanups.  Please check our event calendar to get exact dates for each event. 

If you are interested in participating in this project please feel free to contact us.

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