This EVS project will take what we have learned from the past project and help more young people in our society.  The idea of the project is to meet with local youth and identify the common problems they encounter, this includes youth unemployment, social skills, gaining competences and learning new skills.  The project is hosted in our youth centre were the volunteers will create a variety of events, activities and workshops for the local youth to address their common problems.  In addition to these events the volunteers will also work with local youth to help them get information about different EU funded projects for education, mobility and also youth exchanges, training courses and EVS projects.

The volunteers will learn how to plan and implement these activities and events and will also offer their perspective on youth issues allowing for us to learn from their ideas and thought and for them to help many young people in our local society to be more inclusive and involved in local and international activities.  

We have noticed in our many years of youth work that Cypriot youth are very reserved and fearful of new things, this project will allow Cypriot youth to become more active in their society and work with an international group of young people to address their problems and help them overcome these problems.  They will learn of the many EU tools available to them.


We want to help more youth take advantage of the Erasmus+ program and help them further their studies and help them find jobs.  We want to get them more involved in their community and teach them about new cultures.