01/01/2015 - 31/12/2015

As part of the activities of our youth centre  we undertake a variety of activities for young people, from language learning, to various clubs and educational seminars and workshops.  However we have noticed that very few Cypriots are active in sports or any sports activity.  Social media has had an impact on the way young people interact with each other but this has also changed the activity level of the youth.  We have managed to get the youth more active in their society but we need to work on their physical activity now.  Our project will allow our current volunteers from Cyprus and our new volunteers from other countries to work on ways and projects to get our youth more physically active so that they can have a healthier lifestyle.  We will create events and activities that include more sports so that they have more energy and vitality.  Our EVS volunteers will learn all these methods and will also teach other members of the community to do these tasks.  Our volunteers will work in various areas of the abovementioned project and will also work in the various areas of our youth centre and interact with our local community and promote the idea of Sports and physical activities and at the same time help members fo the community have a healthier lifestyle.  In addition to the physical activites we will also promote a healthy lifestyle by showing our youth about eating healthy food and finding alternatives to junkfood and fast food that are healthy and economical.