EVS Recycle, Upcycle


The EVS project will allow our volunteers to learn about recycling, upcycling and various other methods of waste management on a small scale and also to turn these waste products into reusable products and even saleable products.  Once the EVS learn the different crafts and skills they will be able to work in this department and will also be able to teach local members of the community how to develop these skills so that they can use them to either create objects for themselves or to generate incomes and create jobs for themselves. Through these activities they will learn about environmental conservation and protection.

The main area that the voluneers will be working in are the environmental workshops that look at reusing, reducing, recycling and upcycling waste products, they will also work on youth activities, youth projects, youth employment opportunities and the general activities of the youth centre.

The volunteers will have constant guidance from the hosting organisation and will enjoy working with the local community in all fields of youth work.

Our daily activities will include the activities of the youth centre and dealing with our local youth on a daily bases be it simply for some youth coming to socialize or to use our computers to do some studying or research for their studies.  We will be planning weekly events for youth from sporting activites as part of our clubs.  At the moment we have horse riding, dragon boat, archery, environmental, cultural, swimming, diving, language and cooking clubs.  Our clubs are always increasing with the needs and demands of our youth.

Other than the clubs we also have youth support, here we will be helping youth in finding EVS placements, finding funding for their studies and also helping them find suitable career paths either in forms of studies or employment.

The volunteers will be able to work in different areas of the youth centre finding the place they most enjoy and which can offer them the best learning outcomes.  They will be able to select one of the centres activities which they find most appealing and work with our local team and learn from them in those departments.  It is hope that the volunteers will work in various areas of the youth centre so that they can maximise their learning opportunities and allow them to learn more than just one thing during their EVS experience.  As we have another EVS project which have the volunteers working exclusively for the youth centre, these volunteers will give more emphasis on the environmental project with recycling and upcycling. 

The volunteers will gain personal and professional maturity through this project and grow to incorporate what they have learned in our own society.