Nautilos Cycling Club was established by pasionate volunteers in 2013. The club has now more than 80 cyclists and every Tuesday at 20:00 the team gathers at Strovolos Municipality (parking of the Municipality Theatre entrance), and follow a specific cycling path designed by the coordinators and safety team of the club. Each week the path has a different difficulty level, starting with the easiest path every first Tuesday of the month going to the hardest cycling path until the end af the month.

Many special events, themes events, charity cycling events are organised by this club as now is one of the biggest cycling clubs in Strovolos Municipality and one of the largest clubs in Lefkosia District.

The club belongs to the general ongoing activities that our Youth Center offers.

Members are free to join, as the whole consept is entirely voluntary. The only things that are necessary for any member or bike user needs to have in order to join the club is to complete THIS form, and is obligated to obtain the necessary safety equipement for cycling (a fully equiped and maintained bicycle and personal safety gear). A bike (some fully equiped bicycles are offered by the Youth Center) needs to have night lights in front and on the rear. Maintainace and good functionality will help to enjoy a cycling event.