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Choices : quote of the week ! 0

Choices : quote of the week !

Hello, γεια σου! A promise is a promise! This is the quote of the week. Today’s song is WERE VANA-An choizi’w : in this song he professes his love for his wife. Enjoy!


Natale in Nicosia

(english text follows, translated with Google Translate) E’ impossibile trovarsi a Nicosia in questo periodo e sentire la mancanza del Natale. Quando giri per le strade le mattinate è tutto tranquillo,ma è quando arriva...


I colori dell’amicizia!

(english text follows, translated with Google Translate) E’ un legame d’affetto molto forte,è gioia e fedeltà. L’amicizia è un sentimento che incontriamo per la prima volta da bambini e cresce giorno per giorno nei...


Cyprus my Fertilizer!

Hello World! How are you? Welcome Back!!! Let’s go for another adventure in Nicosia! First thing first, do you believe in destiny? I do! Indeed, I had planned to visit an art gallery and...

Focus on your goals! 0

Focus on your goals!

Making the public vs. private school decision I think it is very complicated because you should know if it’s worth the cost to pay for private school based on all the perks they offer....

Italian Pizza in Cyprus 0

Italian Pizza in Cyprus

Hello people, did you remember to smile for today? If no, show me now your beautiful smile! I’m Nawres and I’m from Italy, the last time I  share with you my love for nature...


Lost in λεωφόρος kennenty

Καλημέρα (Kaliméra ) ! How are you doing? Let me share with you what happened to me today 😉. I am a huge fan or Art and I wanted to see a design in John Kennedy’s...