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Broa (Corn bread), is a very old recipe traditionally made in Portugal, Galicia and Brazil. In Portugal, the designation of this type of bread depends on the region of the country – in the North,...


Do you know FRICO?

The frico is a typical dish of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy, made from melted Montasio cheese combined with potatoes and onions, all mixed together and cooked together in a pan. Then, once flavored and...



Francesinha is a typical dish originating in Porto, Portugal. The name Francesinha (Translation from portuguese to English is “little French girl”), says the story, is due to the fact that Daniel Silva states that...

Komanetsi Fitness Center 0

Komanetsi Fitness Center

Hi guys, today I will share with you the location of this fitness center, with pool and gym. You can contact them also on the Facebook page or their official website. Here to you...


Skirona Park

Skirona Park is situated in Strovolos, Nicosia, near Food-ball cafe. It is a quite big park, filled with games for kids like swings and slides and some walls decorated with graffiti. In the hot days...


Kratinou and Thiras Park

Kratinou and Thiras Park is located in Strovolos, Nicosia, near Lefkados Park. It is very small but still good for kids that want to play.


Dance Chamber

From the busy Iosif Hadjiosif street you can see this chamber (location). Here you can practice many different kinds of dance, like ballet, belly dance, contemporary, hip hop, latin and others. Also you can...