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How to Fall in Love

Love is like a box of chocolates; there are a LOT of ingredients( plus you never know what you get unless you bite  into it). Surely we’re not blowing your minds when we tell...


Bacalhau aka codfish

To start this post we need to go back to 1415 when Portugal start the campaign to conquer the oceans,so they needed food for the long trips, in that time portuguesse people tried to...

What is Taekwon-Do ? 0

What is Taekwon-Do ?

What is Taekwon-Ddo? Why should you try Taekwon-Do? Who is Filippos Christodoulou? What is Filippos Taekwondo ITF Academy? The answers for these questions you can find here, in the interview with Filippos Christodoulou.    

The Many Cats of Cyprus 0

The Many Cats of Cyprus

According to the latest data of animal welfare organisations working in Cyprus, the cat population now reaches 1.5 million, with more cats than humans inhabiting the island. (Read the full article here:  or more...

EVS Blog – 2017’/18 0

EVS Blog – 2017’/18

Hello, My name’s Fiona I’m from United Kingdom (London) I’m posting my first blog on how EVS experience has been -so It’s been exciting and fairly rewarding I haven’t been so active but I...

What about European Solidarity Corps? 0

What about European Solidarity Corps?

Wassup, hello guys! Here is Eduard, the Romanian EVS volunteer. Today I want to present you some informations about ESC. What is ESC? ESC is the abbreviation of the European Solidarity Corps. What does...


City Fields

City Fields (location) is a modern sports center with a total area of ​​7500 m² based in Strovolos, Nicosia. In the center of the center there are football stadiums (1 9×9 stadium and 3x...