Who is Eduard?

Hello my name is Eduard. I come from town Trnava in western Slovakia which is very close to capital of Slovakia and capital od Austria as well.  I am an EVS volunteer at Nautilos SAR in project YOUTH 4 Sport 2. I have come to Cyprus in the beginning of May and I will be staying in Cyprus for 6 months till early November. The project is dedicated to sports and healthy nutrition. I consider myself a sport oriented person who has done several sports since early childhood. I have done skiing since I was 3 years old but for last few years I switched to snowboard due to my knee injury. I am graduated in Strategic Management at oldest University in Slovakia. I like to learn languages meet new people and discover new places. Cyprus is not my first long term experience abroad as I had been living in Spanish La Coruna for half a year as I participated in Erasmus+ program during my studies. I am keen to participate in every sport event and dare you to join me as well! I am fluent in English. And I used to speak German quite well but lately it got very rusty. I adore Spanish language and I have started to learn some Greek at the moment.

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