How did I get here?

In the beginning of April I was at that stage of life where as a fresh graduate you look for your path in your life. But I couldn’t say I knew what it was. I was not honestly very convinced what I want but I was quite sure I didn’t want to get stuck in a corporate job. As I always liked travelling and visiting new places I was considering moving abroad and starting my life there. Anyway I was little scared to proceed with this idea to build up my life from scratch somewhere without anyone on my side. That was the moment of luckiest accident. I saw a post on Facebook from my close friend where was set a question: Who wants to spend 6 months in Cyprus. I clicked and opened the project description. As I stated in my profile I love sports and always wanted to discover new places, so I never doubted for a single second what to do. I applied immediately and three weeks passed and I was lying in my bed in my Cypriot bedroom writing this post. Never regretted that decision so far!

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