EVENT Youth Employment- Simulating a job search

Hello from sunny Nicosia,

Yesterday, Tuesday 25th of July, I held my first event at Nautilos SAR, Nicosia about Youth Employment.

It was a step forward towards developing my learning as an EVS within the Youth4Sport2 volunteering project and my objective to acquire new competences in the framework of non-formal education. There were 5 attendees from countries like Ireland, Latvia, Portugal and Slovakia and me from Romania.

Even though before coming to Cyprus I was involved, as a volunteer, in organizing few events, I’ve never had the opportunity to implement my own ideas. For example, 3 years ago, I volunteered at a festival dedicated to Digital Media in Bucharest and during one of my internships I’ve been part of the team organizing European Information seminars in high-schools and conferences about the European Parliament’s elections that were held in four of the most important universities from Romania, as well while I was an Erasmus student in Tricity, Poland I was volunteer at one career fair.  

At the beginning I thought I will not be able to succeed in organizing my own event due to my fear of failure but with the help of our coordinators and my colleagues Eduard and PJ, I managed to overcome the obstacles. It showed up to be not so difficult…first of all, I created a template with the objectives of the event, then followed the design of the poster, advertising on Social Media and rehearsing the simulation of a job search.

The event started with an energizer, we continued with the Caregiver Expert game, then we simulated the job search on the EURES platform and we closed the event with a feedback gathering. Although we were only 6 people, we managed to create a very nice atmosphere and have had a really good time together.

Creating my own event helped me to strengthen my sense of initiative, develop my self-confidence, improve my competence to interact with people from different countries with different thinking, learn in a multicultural environment and showed me the importance of cultural diversity, being nice, kind and friendly.

Especially being friendly… this is what we’re doing everyday as volunteers.

Keep following our updates.

Best Regards,

Ana Maria



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