Youth 4 Sport Penalty KING 1st edition

Hello folks and hope you’re doing well,

Here at Nautilos SAR we work on growing up our ideas about youth and sports.

Tuesday, July 4th, we hosted the 1st edition of the Penalty KING event in Agios Demetrios Park Nicosia.

It was one of our first sport events since we have started our Youth4Sport2 EVS.

There were participants from countries like Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy. The tournament consisted of 3 rounds of kicks….and there was only one winner. Will not mention the name because we decided that the most important is the game, the fair-play, the fun and not merely the prize.


Reviews about Penalty KING 1st edition:

Eduard from Slovakia, organizer: “It was first event organized by myself so I was a bit nervous about how it will go. In the end I was very happy how well it went. I have met some friends there and we will definitely meet each other again. The aim was to put together a group of people for further development of the event to a regular football event. More are coming soon. Guaranteed !”

PJ from Ireland: “It was a very well organized event. Everyone that showed up seemed to have enjoyed themselves. And Ireland won.”    

Andrew from Ireland: “I was a bit nervous before going to the event because I didn’t know anyone but within minutes I felt I had made good friends and everyone was having a good laugh. The Penalty King tournament had such a fun, friendly and chilled atmosphere, I’m looking forward to doing more events with these guys again!”

Francesco from Italy: “I have really liked it and hope you will do it again. It was a good way to meet new people. Next time I will score.”

Cristina from Italy: “It was amazing, there were nice people and we had fun.”

Best Regards,

Ana Maria, Eduard and the Youth4Sport2 team !



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