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Hello from sunny Nicosia,

There is about one month we started our shows at OTI Radio and we are more than happy we can play our favorite music and bring some smiles on our listeners faces every day, we also hope to share with you the best news about Youth Opportunities, Sports, Keeping Fit, Nutrition and What’s Up around the world and our Centre !

One of the editions at OTI Radio, Nautilos SAR was dedicated to the Sports Agenda and Youth. Me and my colleague Cristina from Italy had a nice conversation about sports across Europe and their importance for health, education and personal development. The ideas of Erasmus Plus in this field are aimed at promoting the integrity of sport, supporting innovative approaches to implement EU principles on good governance in sport, EU strategies in the area of social inclusion and equal opportunities, encouraging participation in sport and physical activity, volunteering, employment in sport as well as education and training in sport.

We debated on the idea that sports and physical activity have to be a constant in our lives as teen or adults in order to develop a healthy lifestyle. More specifically it’s very important to promote sports in schools and universities, increase awareness of as regards the role of sport in promoting social inclusion, equal opportunities and health enhancing physical activity, organizing events that enhance cooperation and help to share good practices.

The Actions in the field of sport are expected to contribute at the implementation of the European Week of Sport, which is an initiative launched by the Commission to promote sport and physical activity in the EU, in the light of declining participation levels.  The European Week of Sport is intended to be organised with the following concept: an official opening, a flagship event, and 4 Focus Days, each day with a different focus theme: education, workplaces, outdoors, sport clubs and fitness centers.

As from 2017, the European Week of Sport will take place from 23 to 30 September.

Until then keep following our Facebook page Nautilos SAR and stay informed with updates from our summer sports events : Nautilos Walkers Club, Nautilos Amateur Cycling Group, Penalty KING and Beach Volleyball.

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Ana Maria

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