EVS project is a great opportunity to improve your skills and overcome your fears.

One of this great opportunity is the radio show…at least in my personal experience! In our organization we have the opportunity to talk in the radio every week, at least one time a week like a host or like a co-host.


For me this is a great chance to improve my personal skills, at first in the English language, because in this way I can learn more about the language, in fact during the radio show you need to improvise your speech especially with the co-host, and this is a good way, in my opinion, to improve the competence in the language. But the radio is important not only for it, but also it’s a great opportunity to overcome the personal fear regarding the public speaking, and also to learn new skills like how to handle a microphones and audio equipment and software. Finally, I have to create materials for the radio, and so I have the opportunity to learn more about other topics, different from my personal field.



During my first time in radio show, I was really scared because I never talked on the radio and it was a real challenge for me, because I was really embarrassed and until one month ago, I would never have imagined that I’m able to do this!.


But now, after 4 times in the radio I discovered a new part of me! In fact now, especially when I am  the host of the radio show, I feel me very comfortable, and sometimes I feel me like an real show-girl!:P

So, in my opinion, this is a great opportunity for all the EVS, to improve them ability and them personal skills!… but the radio show it’s important not only for us EVS, but also for the public, because we have a real nice program in which we talk about some different topic to promote our project and for inform the people about all the opportunity that there are to change the lifestyle in a healthy way.


Furthermore, we talk also regarding a lot of news about all the opportunity for the young people until 30 years old, in the European Country and finally we inform you regarding all the event of the week and for all the event who are in Cyprus and in our organisation!



So, don’t miss it! We are online every day from Monday until Thursday, from 11.00 until 13, and on Friday from 15 until 17. For everyone who is interested, this is our program:

  • Monday: “Youth opportunities and Youth Center”
  • Tuesday: “Sport Agenda”
  • Wednesday: “keeping fit”
  • Thursday: “Nutrition and…”
  • Friday: “What’s Up?”

Cristina Parenti

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