Very fresh start to my Cyprus adventure

I came to Cyprus in the beginning of May for my EVS project set in Nautilos SAR. My EVS project is called Youth 4 Sport 2 and I participate with my other 5 teammates from countries all over Europe. The start of my project was a little unexpected but very fresh and adventurous. The coordinators of our youth centre prepared for us very nice surprise. We were taken to participate in youth Exchange Up & Out set in Paralimni.

Participators of Up & Out were young smart people from over ten countries from Europe. The topic of this project was to spread message about opportunities for Youth regarding employment and gaining actual work experience. We have discovered various options how youth can participate in projects of ERASMUS+ programmes. ERASMUS+ has over 30 years tradition in Europe and it is a little bit sad how many young people have no idea about these unbelievable opportunities. Erasmus+ projects funded by European Commission offer wide options for youth to participate in projects abroad to gain real work experience and provide non formal education in current topics issued in our society. Projects are funded so participants receive grant money for taking part so it is financially affordable for young people with weaker financial background as well.

                Youth Exchange in Paralimni was set in very nice venue with swimming pool and all necessities for non-formal education were provided here. These 8 days for me count as one of the best in my entire life. I have met many, many nice, smart, brave and daring people from all around the Europe. I have made many friends who I will hopefully meet again! I had always struggled to find people like these amazing beautiful creatures and for these 8 days we were concentrated together in one amazing place.

                I advise to every one of you reading this blog, please find out more about these options and take them. They lay on the table, they are free and they are amazing!

PS: Hello to everyone from Paralimni! I love you and hope to see you again. You all have place to stay when you come to Slovakia!




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