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The Venetian Carnival is one of the most famous carnival event in the world for its strong identity and its ability to preserve traditional masks that always remain magnificent over the centuries, but always...


Armenian Community in Cyprus

First thing i did when i heard about coming to Cyprus was a research about my community here and  found out that Armenian Community is one of the most integrated ones in Cyprus. Armenians...


Perneras Park

Perneras Park is a small park located in a quite neighborhood of Nicosia. Bring your children and they will, for sure, enjoi the games that characterize this place.


Verias Park

Hello guys, Today I would like to share with you the location of this park in Acropolis, Strovolos. It is not very big, but it is open everytime and you can bring your kids...


Pandora Park

Pandora Park is a park located in Nicosia, just eight minutes by car from the City Centre. It is a perfect place for people who wants to join sport and gym activity. It presents...

Acropolis Park 0

Acropolis Park

Acropolis Park Acropolis Park is a very large park with many different aspects, it contains; a cafe, a children’s playground, a gorgeous bridge stretching across the tarmacked area which continues onto a path around...

Evelthontos Park 0

Evelthontos Park

Evelthontos Park Evelthontos Park is a very small, quiet and simplistic playground which provides a place for local people to bring their children and give them some freedom to roam without needing to be...